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World Language

These articles will help you to understand how structal can fit into your World Language classroom.

Currently structal works with texts in three languages other than English: Spanish, French, and Italian.

World Language teachers have told us structal helps them in the following ways.

Help students to understand authentic resources

Teaching authentic resources is really difficult, especially at the lower levels. structal will drastically lower the amount of prep you need to do to teach authentic resources and improve your students understanding. It will also make it easier to use new and more current authentic resources, helping keep your students more engaged.

Less students using Google Translate

structal allows World Language students to get a translation of only one word at a time (yup, just like those Spanish-English dictionaries we used when we were in school!). By making it really easy to get a translation of only one word, structal makes it easy for students to do the right thing. Teachers who used structal last year reported a massive drop in the number of students using Google Translate while reading.

Help with pronunciation

Think of how many times a student asked, "How do you say this word?" last year. We bet it was a lot. The structal Chrome Extension allows a student to hear any word read aloud so you don't have to answer that question anymore and can focus on the more advanced language skills.

Automatic word clouds

structal automatically creates a word cloud for you based on where you students asked for definitions/translations of words. You can use this word cloud to create vocabulary practice for your students, target your reteaching, and to create word banks for student writing.

Diagnosing student issues

Are your students struggling with certain word families or verb tenses? structal's reports help you see where they're specifically struggling so you don't have to guess.

For more ideas on how structal fits into a World Language lesson, see the video below!