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Where can students use structal?

We know that structal works a little different than other tools you've used because it works with whatever content you're already using.

So you may be wondering, where can students use structal?

The short answer: any website or PDF they read on their computer.

The slightly longer answer: While structal works on almost every website we've tested it on (and we've tried lots) there are two types of websites that can have issues: some publisher's websites and games. It will work with any PDF.

A small number of publishers hide their content from the web browser. This means that the structal Chrome Extension can't see any of the text on the website. We will keep a list of publishers that other teachers have reported doing this:

  • The Amazon Kindle Web Reader
  • epic Books

If you can get a PDF of the text instead of using the sites above, that solves the problem!

Another workaround for the above sites: if you copy and paste the text into a Google Doc, your students will be able to use it!

Similarly, many interactive game websites use a technology that hides all the text in the game from the web browser. While it's unlikely your students will try to use structal with a game (we haven't seen it happen so far), we do want you to know so you won't be surprised.

Important: Our mission is to make structal work literally everywhere. It's an ambitious mission, but we're going to keep working until we do it. This school year, we will be releasing an update that uses computer vision (oooohhhh, fancy) to make structal work on both of the types of websites above. After that update goes, out this article should get a lot shorter!