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Using with PDFs

We built PDF support right into the structal extension. No additional downloads or apps!

Use the following steps to read a PDF with structal.

The way you open the PDF depends on how you got it:

A PDF that's online
  • Put the link address to the pdf in the address bar. This address should end with .pdf.
A PDF you downloaded

If it's a PDF you downloaded, drag and drop the PDF file into a new tab in your Chrome browser.

The first time you open a downloaded PDF you  will need to give structal access to the local files on your computer by turning on the "Allow access to file URLs" option on this page.

A PDF that's in Google Drive

Your students can also use the "Open with" menu to directly open PDFs from Google Drive.

First, they need to give structal permission to access their Google Drive. They do this by opening the structal Chrome Extension settings menu near the address bar and clicking the "Connect to Google Drive" button.

This will open up a new window that will ask for permission to access Google Drive. Choose your Google account and click "Allow."

Sometimes this window gets stuck behind the other windows on a Chromebook, so make sure you check all the windows you have open.

Next, go to a PDF in Google Drive/Google Classroom and click on it. When the PDF opens, you'll see the "Open with" menu at the top. This will open that PDF in the structal PDF viewer!

If you'd like to use structal with a Google Doc or a Google Slides presentation, see these articles.