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Using with Google Docs

Google Docs was designed by Google for writing, so using it to read with structal takes a couple extra steps.

To use structal with a Google Doc, you use the "Publish to Web" feature. To publish to the web use the following steps:

  1. On your Google Doc, click the "File" menu. In the "File Menu", hover over the "Share" sub-menu. In the "Share" sub-menu, click the "Publish to web" option.

2. Click the "Publish" button and click "OK" in the "Are you sure you want to publish this selection?" confirmation box.

3. Share the newly created link with your students and they will be able to use structal! If students need to edit the document, they can switch back and forth between their copy that they're editing and the published link we just created!

If you're curious how to use structal with Google Slides, check out this article.

Note: Students can also follow this process themselves to use structal with any Google Doc. Teachers have reported that this process is very straightforward for students to follow as well. The structal Chrome Extension also gives them a reminder of how to do it if they try to use structal on a Google Doc (see yellow banner below).