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Teacher Sign Up (5 min)

Summary: Visit sign up page, add school, download extension, see dashboard

Signing up for a new tool can be intimidating. This article walks you through the sign up process.

  1. Visit the sign up page

Start by visiting the teacher sign up page. We recommend using your school Google account to sign up, since this is easiest and allows you to upload your classes from Google Classroom if you use that.

The structal sign up page
  1. Choose your school Google Account

If you signed up with Google, you'll see the below screen that has all of your Google accounts. Make sure you choose your school Google account!

The Google account picker page
  1. Make sure all permission boxes are check

In order for us to import your Google Classroom classes and let you open PDFs from your Google Drive with structal, you need to make sure that every box on the next screen is checked or click "Select all." (Picture 1)

Then scroll to the bottom and click continue. (Picture 2)

The Google permission page top
The Google permission page bottom

4. Add your school

You'll be taken back to the structal website. On this page, you'll add your school(s) where you work. Choose the state that you work in and start typing in the box that says "School name." As you type, a list of schools will pop up (on slow school WiFi this can take a few seconds!) and you should click on your school when you see it in the list. (Picture 1)

Once you've done this, you'll see the "School successfully added" message and the "Done" button will turn yellow. (Picture 2) If you don't see either of these things, make sure you selected a school from the list of options that pops up when you stop typing.

If you only work at one school, click "Done". Otherwise, add your other schools and click "Done" when you're finished.

Typeahead shows options for schools
Class successfully added

5. Add your classes

To make the set up process even easier, you can add your classes on the next screen. If you have Google Classroom, you'll be able to select your Google Classroom classes and click "Add classes" to create your classes. This will also create all your students automatically!

If you don't have Google Classroom, you can add your first class manually. Just type in a name and click "Add class." This will generate a class code for your students to use to join your class. You can add more classes by following the instructions here.

6. Install the extension

The last step is to install the extension! Click on the "Install the extension" button to go to link where you can download the extension.

This button will take you to the Chrome Extension page. Click the blue "Add to Chrome" button to add the extension.

You'll be asked to confirm that you want to add the extension, you should click "Add extension" to finish the process.

Once it's installed, a help page to explain the Chrome Extension's functionality will pop up so you can learn more.

If you return to your original tab, and click "Done," you'll be taken to the structal dashboard. This is where you'll go to set up more classes and see your students' progress. To learn more about the dashboard, see this article.

If you'd like to learn more about the extension, you should check out the article here.

Otherwise, you should have your students install the extension next! For tips on introducing structal to your students from teachers who have done it, see this article.