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Getting Started

Unblocking the extension with IT (3 min read)

This article helps you to get the structal Chrome Extension unblocked with IT if your school district blocks all extensions that aren't pre-approved.

Where can students use structal? (3 min read)

This article gives a little more detail about where structal works and any limitations that we've seen about where it works (there aren't many!)

Introducing students to the extension (4 min read)

This article will help you with introducing the extension to your students and how to help them get started. It has a sample LMS announcement as well.

Setting up your classes (non-Google Classroom)(8 min)

This article helps you set up your class and get your students signed up for structal if you don't use Google Classroom.

Setting up your classes (Google Classroom) (4 min)

This article walks you through how to set up your classes and add your students using Google Classroom.

Downloading the Extension (2 min)

In this post, we'll help you to download the Chrome

Teacher Sign Up (5 min)

This post walks you how to sign up for structal.

Quick Start (5 min)

Start with structal as quickly as possible.

What is structal and how does it work? (3 min)

Learn more about what structal is and why you should use it.