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Installing the Chrome Extension - Student

  1. Go to this link, click "Add to Chrome," and "Add Extension."

2. Click the puzzle piece in near the address bar, and click the pin to make it easy to access the structal settings.

3. Go to a something you need to read online for school (like this science article). Click the yellow "S" bubble to use the extension. The first time you do this, you might need to fill out your grade level.

4. Go back to your original tab. Choose the correct language for the article and the correct class. Then click "Done." This will add your reading support!

5. The color highlights show you hard areas of the text. Hover over any of them to get help with that difficult area. If you're not understanding what you're reading, these are a good place to start with getting help.

Red highlights = Words that are similar in Spanish and English

Blue highlights = Advanced vocab words

Yellow highlights = Important school words

Green highlights = Hard to understand phrases

6. You can change what color highlights you see by clicking the structal icon in the address bar. That opens the structal settings menu. This gives you more control over what support you get.

7. If you want help with any word in what you're reading, like seeing a definition or hearing it read aloud, all you have to do is double click the word.

8. Optional: If you want to see a translation of a word into another language that you speak, change "I mainly speak..." in the Chrome Extension settings to the language you speak.

You can also get help with larger parts of the text if you're reading English.