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Setting up your classes (non-Google Classroom)

Note: this article is for teachers that don't use Google Classroom. Please see this article if you do use Google Classroom.

This article will walk you through how to setup your classes and get your students added to them using a class code.

Create your class

  1. Start by visiting the "Classes" page and clicking "Add a class" in the top right.
  1. Click "Add manually" and enter a name for your class. Then click "Add class."

Once you click "Add class," you'll see your new class has been created on the "Classes" page.

Repeat the above steps for all your classes.

Add your students

To be added to your class, your students will need to enter the class code on the student version of the structal website.

We also have a student friendly version of the sign up instructions and the instructions to enter the class code for you to send to your students.

  1. Get your class code

From your classes page, click on the class you want to have students join.

Right below the classes name, you'll see the class code (5 digits and letters) that you'll give to students to enter.

2. Have your students sign up for an account if they don't have one.

Send an announcement in your LMS with the following text or write it on the board:

Go to this link and sign up for structal: https://structal.ai/students/sign_up

If you need more help signing up see this page: https://support.structal.ai/student-sign-up/

The class code is: YOUR CLASS CODE

If you need more help getting added to the class, see this page:

Note: The student sign up link is different than the one you used. Make sure you give them the one above.

The student sign up process is straightforward. When they visit the student sign up link, they'll see the page below.

When they click on the "Sign up with Google" button, they'll be taken to the Google Sign in page.

They must choose their school Google account.

After they choose their Google account they'll be take back to the structal website to choose their grade level. They should click "Finish" to finish the sign up.

Note: If a student is only logged in to one Google account, they'll be taken directly to this page to choose their grade level, since they won't need to choose which Google account to use with structal.

2. Add themselves to your class

After they click the "Finish" button, or if they already have an account, students will be taken to their student dashboard that looks like this:

They should click "View all classes." They'll be taken to their "My classes" page. They then click "Join a class" in the top right corner.

Here they'll see a form where they enter the class code you found above and click "Join class."

After this, your students will see that they've been added to your class!

Students are now ready to install the extension and use structal! Visit this article to see best practices for introducing your students to the extension.