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Setting up your classes (Google Classroom) (4 min)

Note: This article is for teachers that use Google Classroom. If you don't use Google Classroom, follow the instructions here to setup your class.

This article will walk you through how to setup your classes using Google Classroom.

Start by visiting the "Classes" page and clicking "Add a class" in the top right.

This will take you to the "Add a class" page that looks like this.

To add your classes, simply check the ones you want to add and click the "Add classes" button.

When you click "Add classes", a loading screen will show up. If you have a lot of students, it may take a minute or two to add the classes.

Once your classes have loaded, you'll be taken back to the "Classes" page and you should see your new classes!

Your students are now ready to install the Chrome Extension. When they install the extension, they'll be automatically signed in because their structal account is automatically linked to their Google account! See this page for more information on how to have your students install the extension as well as tips and tricks to make that go smoothly.


I see a "Connect Google Classroom" button

If you see a button that says "Connect Google Classroom," it means that you forget to connect your Google Classroom when you signed up. Click the "Connect Google Classroom" button.

This button will take you to a screen that allows you to give structal permission to view your Google Classroom rosters.

Make sure to choose your school Google account if you see this screen.

Make sure you choose select all or check all the boxes on the Google permission page.