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Quick Start

Summary: Sign up for a teacher account, download the extension, set up your class, have students download the extension

Don't worry, you don't need to be a tech expert to get started with structal! Once you complete these steps, your students will be ready to use structal to get support on anything they read without you needing to do any additional work.

1. Sign up for your teacher account

Visit the sign up page to create a teacher account. This will allow you to login to the structal teacher dashboard and create your classes.

2. Download the structal Chrome Extension
Visit the structal extension page to download the Chrome Extension. This will allow you to see the extension in action and get more familiar with it.

You'll automatically be logged in to the extension because you've already created your teacher account!

Activate the extension by clicking the yellow bubble with an "S" that the extension adds to your browser. This will add the automatic supports. Double click on any word in the article to see help with that word.

For more information about what the extension does, see this article.

3. Set up your classes

Visit the class setup page to create your classes.

If you use Google Classroom, your students will be added to your class automatically when you import your classes. If you do not, you will get a course code for your students to join your class.

For more information, see this in depth article (Google Classroom) (non-Google Classroom) on the class setup process.

4. Have your students download the extension

Have your students visit the structal extension page to download the Chrome Extension, the same way you did above.

See this article for some tips and tricks that we've seen be helpful for teachers as they get their students set up in structal.

We also have a student friendly support article to help them with downloading the extension.

Note: Some schools require IT approval of an extension before students can install it. Don't worry, we've got your back. This article shows you how to get that approval, including a sample email to IT, suggestions on who to reach out to for approval, and even a way to have us help you get approval.