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IT Troubleshooting for Unblocking the Extension

This is a quick article for IT departments on troubleshooting unblocking the Structal Chrome Extension.

We update this article frequently to make sure all possible ways the extension might be blocked are covered.

1. Unblock the extension for install on teacher and student computers

You are likely to have already done this, but make sure that both teachers and students have the ability to install the extension.

If you'd like some more help with the process, you can check out this article.

2. Make sure the Structal domains are not blocked (structal.ai, api.structal.ai)

Some schools have firewalls that will block different domains if they're not familiar with the domain. Make sure to check your firewall, and see if it is blocking either structal.ai or api.structal.ai. Both are necessary for the extension to function.

3. Unblock the Google Identity API for students

Sometimes the Google Identity API for Chrome is blocked for access by your school's Google Settings. We use the API so your students don't need to login into Structal if they're logged into their school Google Account, so it will need to be unblocked for our extension. We do not use this API to collect identity information for students that have not been signed up by their teacher.

4. Make sure students are on updated versions of Chrome OS

Sometimes when the extension is mysteriously not working, it's because a student's Chromebook has gotten stuck on an old version of Chrome OS. Updating their computer usually solves the issue.