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This article will help you to understand how structal help you to support your ELL's language development.

ELL teachers have told us over and over again that they feel like their ELLs don't get enough support throughout the day. While you work tirelessly to scaffold your lessons and content to support your ELLs that can often not feel like enough. You can't be in five classrooms at once after all!

Our tool makes sure that your ELLs get the reading and reading comprehension support they need throughout the entire school day, including when they're not in an EL specific class, and even when they're doing homework. This helps them make faster progress with their language development and be more successful in school.

ELL teachers have told us structal helps them in the following ways:

Lowers prep burden

Even though you have the training and expertise, many of the reading supports that are helpful for ELL students, such as pictures, translations, hearing words read aloud, and basic definitions, are time consuming. Since structal provides many of these common scaffolds automatically, it allows you to focus your prep time more effectively and spend less time prepping overall.

Manage your impossible caseload

Chances are you have students in your caseload that speak a language you don't, have interrupted schooling, are dual-identified, or have spent a long time struggling in school. Our tool currently supports translation in over 30 languages, addresses fundamental skills, and also follows best practices for supporting students with IEPs. Because this support all happens automatically when students use the extension, structal will help make your caseload a little less impossible.

Support your students in every class, all the time

ELL teachers tell us how hard it is to have students do well in their class, but struggle when they don't have direct language development support. By providing a layer of reading support on every text your students read, you can ensure that they progress more rapidly through their language development and be more successful in their other classes.

Help your colleagues

We know that so many ELL teachers are often put in impossible situations. For example, you only get to see your students for writing, not reading. Or maybe you have too large of a caseload. This makes it really hard to meet colleagues' requests for help with modifying resources for ELL students. Since structal works on any digital text, structal is something you can suggest to your colleagues to help them meet your ELL students' needs with reading and reading comprehension.

Diagnosing student issues

Since many ELL teachers only get an hour or two with their ELL students, it can be hard to know where they're struggling in other classes. structal's reports, like our word cloud, help you to see what specific vocabulary and concepts your students struggled with so you don't have to guess. This lets you easily and effectively address student misunderstandings so they don't compound and gives you visibility into the whole picture of your students' days.